Linux Users Group of Iraq

Why Linux?

Nation Without Software: Why Iraq Needs Linux by Ashraf T. Hasson. "Although it's nearly impossible to live without a computer these days, the ignorance and corruption of the past Iraqi ruling government held back growth and even caused the degradation of software usage in many vital departments. Hence, while things are still fresh, Linux could play a major role in aiding the rebuilding of a real infrastructure in several different fields without incurring heavy expenses."

Followup with the LUG of Iraq by Adam Davidson. "Certainly, Iraq is a country that needs all sorts of immediate material support. But the US government and countless NGOs are about to pour countless billions to that effort. But it's also a country hungry, no, famished, to catch up with the information revolution that has so changed the rest of the world. There are plenty of computer-savvy, eager people here who just need a little help, and assistance; just a few of you, offering a bit of help, can go a long way."

Mailing Lists

linux-iraq-discuss: Linux and free software discussions and help

linux-iraq-announce: Low-traffic, moderated announcements list

Schedule of Events

We are planning a first meeting to be held at:
Baghdad University
Computer Science Department of the College of Science.
Date and classroom location coming soon.


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